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Estate master is the Very First Real Estate Publication in Indian languages is the main attraction and contribution of T.K.C. Jose consultants to the Real Estate Sphere. An entirely new reading experience of all walks of life. Hitting the stands on the 5th of every month with news ,views, and critical analysis.
    We strongly feel that journalism is not merely a narration of events. Rather, it is the unfolding of happenings, presented to the public in such a way as to enable them to understand why they occurred and how they occurred.
    Estate Master promise to you to  bring a whiff of fresh air into the dank and stale environment of present day journalism.
Estate Master, the real estate, economic, financial and corporate monthly in Malayalam are dedicated and determined to report the commendable contributions and monumental achievements made by the Builders including you to mould Kerala into a forefront state.

T K C Jose
Managing Editor

Ajish Chandran Kottangal

Editorial Advisory
Joy Thirumoolapuram
P.R Chandran
Babu Kuzhimattom
V.C Mathew
Alan Vaniaputrakkal

Real Estate Advisors
Ashok Mohanani (Builder, Mumbai)
Sunil Arora (Architect, Mumbai)

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One Year (12 issues): Rs. 60/-
Two Year (24 issues): Rs. 110/-
Five Year (60 issues): Rs. 280/-